MIMM – learning to overcome fears and bacon

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, it was a very cold one here! Bentley and I headed up to Cincinnati to spend the weekend with T.  We are both preparing for finals so it was nice to have company while studying.

Sunday morning I made bacon!  We had made grilled cheese, tomato and bacon sandwiches for dinner on Friday night and I made the leftovers to serve with sunday brunch.  I don’t eat bacon very often but it tasted pretty good this weekend, especially on the grilled cheese!

IMG_4595Along with a slice of bacon I had oatmeal and greek yogurt.   My peanut butter stash up here had run out so I decided to try topping my oats with greek yogurt as I have seen some other bloggers do.  I prefer my peanut butter but it was a fun and tasty change.

IMG_4597The most marvelous thing about my weekend was getting in two, short,  runs!  If you read my recent confessions post you know that I have been scared to start running again.  This weekend I realized that part of the fear is the injury but the biggest part is that I have lost all my running stamina and it’s now ridiculously hard.

I never was a runner, so getting to the point where I could run a half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me.  I finally realize that I should not expect running to come easier now.  It never has and probably never will.  I do know that I enjoy pushing myself and hope to continue to push that voice that says I can’t do it aside and just run.

I’m excited for yoga tonight! I am hoping to get comfortable with running again but also hoping to continue to incorporate yoga, strength training and off days!  Giving our bodies time to rest is just as important as getting them moving.

What was marvelous about your weekend?  Head on over to Healthy Diva Eats to read all the Marvelous in My Monday posts!



Food Prep on Sundays

Prepping food for the week on Sundays really does make the whole week a bit easier.  I am not prepping much this week as i’m enjoying the weekend with Tyler up in Cincinnati.   Earlier this year I did a big Sunday food prep and loved having zucchini bread, roasted veggies, roasted squash and chili on hand throughout the week.

sundayfoodprep IMG_2950 IMG_2957 IMG_2952Zucchini bread is great to keep on hand for a tasty morning snack.  I like making THIS gluten free zucchini bread.  Roasted veggies are great to add to lunches and snack throughout the week.  I love roasting beets but always have a hard time doing it on food prep days as I tend to eat all of them.

Cinnamon roasted kabocha, Enough said.  It’s probably my favorite afternoon snack and the one item I prep almost without fail every week.

Chili is another great item to prep on the weekend.  It’s great scrambled with eggs for breakfast or dinner, or served on its own along side some cornbread or a salad.   This particular weekend I had made my Simple Summer Chili.   One of my favorite things about chili, aside from the fact that it always tastes great, is that you can pretty much add whatever you have on hand.

Are you doing any food prep this weekend? 

Turkey Day Workout

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week and fun look weekend to look forward to!  Bentley and I will be heading up to Cincinnati for the weekend.

The other day I was at the gym and thinking about what some of my typical workouts look like when I’m not trying a fun workout I found on a blog or pinterest.  I think sometimes it can be nice to have a plan of what you want to get accomplished at the gym.  I have done the workout below a few times and think it would be a great Thanksgiving morning workout. This workout can be done at a gym or in your home as it doesn’t require much equipment.

turkey workoutI like to complete the three repeats of each superset of exercise before moving to the next one.

This Thanksgiving I’m not going home, but in the past my mom and I usually enjoy the day cooking together.  It’s nice prep some of the food and then take a short little break to get your heart pumping.  I think getting in a workout is great to help keep those who get stressed that everything will turnout okay calm.

Do you typically workout on Thanksgiving? 

Does your family enjoy working out together?

confessions and old pictures

1.  I am kind of scared to run again.  I’m well aware of how stupid this sounds but i’m honestly a little scared to push it more than the 2 miles I have been doing a few times a week.  I’m scared my leg might start to hurt again.  I know it’s been close to a year since my injury but for some reason a fear keeps pushing me from breaking past my comfort zone.

IMG_12582. I constantly worry about money.  I worked in a pharmacy for awhile and was always heartbroken when I would see parents who didn’t have the $4 for their child’s antibiotic.  I worry about families who don’t know where their next meal will come.  I worry about people who can’t pay their electric bill.  I’m lucky in that I never had to worry about this growing up but often fear that I won’t be able to provide for my family the way my mom did for me.

3. Following with 2, I am forever thankful for all my mom has provided me. Having seen how some children live makes me realize that not all kids had everything they needed.  I am thankful that I always had a place to call home, food, medical attention that was needed, and constant love and support.  I still have all this today.  My mom and Will are two of my biggest supporters and I am so thankful for them everyday!


4. I take out my nervousness and stress on those I love. (Sorry Mom, Will and Tyler).  I don’t know why but I tend to not be the nicest to them during times of extrem stress or nerves.  I can’t tell you how many times my mom probably tried to give me a sip of gatorade before a cross-country round only to have me get mad at her for offering.  Cross-country is a phase of the three day eventing I competed in, and the one that always gets the nerves going.  Note: I took this photo, I’m not the one riding.  As nervous as I would get I can’t wait to compete again someday!

IMG_16345.  I know nothing about blogging.  I’m sure this is more obvious than a confession though.  I consider my fruitnfitness to be my form of journaling.  I love that my grandparents are able to keep up with what’s going on, the blog friends I have made and sharing my adventures in learning to cook!

That being said I need to ask for some advice.  FruitnFitness is at 98% storage space.  I have backed up noting and don’t know how to back up or see about more storage/self hosting to get more storage (I don’t want to quit uploading pictures of the Bentley dog!)  If any one has tips or a link to someones post that has already discussed this I would love to see it!


6. I’m thankful for everyone who reads my random ramblings.  Especially with all the school and tooth talk around here, I know it isn’t fun to read but I have realized that I love having thoughts in past posts to look back on and see what was going on in different times other than what I was eating and what workouts I was doing.